About Conscious Quotations
The Conscious Quotations Audio Experience:
52 Uplifting Quotations from some of the leading minds in our history set to some
cool and relaxing tracks!

The audio experience that serves three purposes:
1. To have you, the listener, be inspired, uplifted and encouraged
by quotations from some of the leading minds in our history.

2. Provide you with an easy format to both learn, and share,
  some of the quotations that are memorable to you.

3. To provide you with quotations that will help you easily
  hammer home a point that you are trying to make in any
  future conversation, presentation or speech.

Each quotation is stated three times. Listen closely the first time, connect with the meaning of the quotation the second time, and finally, join in by saying the quotation out loud with power and conviction. Remember, repetition is the the mother of learning. Feel free to rewind and repeat the quotations that strike a chord with you.